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About René Lonis

People know me as an empathetic involved and skilled therapist, who listens without judgment to all those involved. I think it's important to discover together with the client where their strengths lie, what (and Who) someone needs to overcome obstacles or restore relationships.
I work in an experiential, solution-focused and relationship-oriented way, based on the idea 'you never have a problem alone'.


During my high vocational training I soon discovered that I was more interested in the people behind the matter. During my military service, the why-question didn't help me either. Though it did, on the University of Applied Sciences where I studied Social Work and Services which I completed in 2001. As a social worker I worked for 14 years at the General Social Work where I gained experience in psychosocial assistance to children, youth and adults. From 2015 to 2022 I worked as a Youth and Family Social Worker for the Sociaal Wijkteam Zwolle, where I focused on psychosocial problems and complex relationship and family problems. After completing the education as an experiential Psychosocial Therapist and Gestalt Therapist at the Kempler Institute Netherlands, I started my own practice in sunny Portugal.


Together with my wife and our two children we live in the Algarve Portugal. I work as a Gestalt therapist and have a practice at home. I also hold practice every Wednesday at the Orange Medical Centre in Albufeira. 

I offer online therapy for people who want to work on themselves, their relationships or contacts with others in any capacity from their own private environment, or because of travel distance.

In my conversations I vary commitment and a serious approach with humor and playfulness. Where necessary I hold up a mirror to the other. 

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