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Couples Therapy

If you notice that you can't move forward in the relationship and can't go back to how it was, you're stuck. That is painful to feel, to endure, let alone express that to your partner, not knowing what that will bring about. The impotence can be great and frustrating when you don't manage to get out of the knot together. Through the relationship conversations I work with you on understanding each other's points of view and together we also look deeper into the how and why of your feelings and behavior. We clarify the pattern you are in that prevents you from connecting with yourself and the other. We are working towards the point where you can really connect and enjoy each other again.  At the same time, there are also situations conceivable in which it is not possible to continue the relationship together. In any case, couples therapy is an indefinite journey that you make together, in which the process that you go through together and individually is of great value. In the conversations I work from the Experiential Psychosocial Therapy and draw from elements of the Emotional Focused Therapy. Online couples therapy is also one of the options, whereby it is also possible to deviate from the standard opening hours.

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