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Relationship check-up

When people have problems with their car, they go to the garage to have it looked at. Sometimes this can be a bit of an exciting event, especially if there are strange noises under the bonnet. Everyone takes such an appointment at the garage for granted, unlike going to a relationship therapist. And that is actually quite strange, when you consider that a relationship can provide so much happiness in life. Every relationship needs maintenance, and very often this can be done without the intervention of a third party. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with trying to solve the problems yourself first. 

But if you still can't make progress in the end, it is better to let someone with a professional eye look at what the obstacle is, than to stay in a vicious circle for an unnecessarily long time. My view on relationships is that it is worth overcoming these obstacles together, because not only does it improve your relationship, but it also gives you a lot of self-knowledge and personal development. 

Click here if you want to make an appointment.

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